Best Damn Sports Show Period

Biba Golic and Elie

Table Tennis Demonstration

 5th August 2005

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Biba Golic and Elie put a sexy new spin on table tennis - wmv Video - (1 Mbyte, 8 Seconds)

  Biba Golic and Elie - Introduction - Table Tennis Anyone?-  (826 Kbytes, Duration 6 seconds)

Biba Golic and Elie - Best Damn Sport Show Period - wmv Video - (20 Mbytes, Duration 2:48 Minutes)






Ping Pong Power - Killerspin's Biba and Elie appear on the Best Damn Sport Show Period.

A sexy new spin on table tennis...

Biba Golic  






           Rob Dibble and Rodney Peete




Fri., Aug. 5: Devil Rays OF Carl Crawford, table tennis demo with Biba Golic & Elie



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