Casino - Underdog plays Simon Bar Sinister as Sweet Polly Purebred pulls the Slot Machine handle to rack up their points.

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Are the Stars on Underdog's side?  Will Simon Bar Sinister's hypnotic swirling paddle spin the ball out of the Hero's control?  Can Sweet Polly Purebred's luck save the day as she keeps score on the age's High-tech Slot Machine scoring device?  See which way the needle will point in the high stakes game of ping pong.  It's 10-10 and Simon stands on the table as Underdog's magical launch aims to retrieve the ball. Join in this game by voting for the character you want to win in the Good vs. Evil battle.

Simon Bar Sinister vs. Underdog


Good or Evil? - Vote for the winner in a poll - Control Sweet Polly Purebred's Slot Machine Handle that decides the winner.


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From Robert Trudell (mesapong)
Robert Trudell (mesapong)
Poll  Ping Pong - Casino Underdog - Who should win?
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