Lee Harper - Unrated Singles Winner - Interview

Lee is a Brazil Soccer Fan from Mexico who entered his first USATT Sanctioned Table Tennis Tournament.  He won the Unrated Singles Event and has played 9 matches and has more to play.  His next event is the Open Singles.  Lee wasn't allowed to advance out of the U1400 Rated Round Robin Group or play in any Rated Doubles Events since he didn't have an established rating.  The Round Robin Events allowed him to play every person in his group which he says is nice.  He'll have a USATT Rating for the next tournament which allows him to enter more events.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

20 September 1998

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Lee Harper - Brazil Soccer Fan




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Lee Harper - Brazil Soccer Fan -Unrated Singles Winner- Interview - Table Tennis
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Lee Harper - Unrated Singles Winner - Table Tennis Interview
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Harper, Lee

Lake Havasu Open 

Rating before tournament: 0 (adjusted to 1381)

Rating after tournament: 1331

Rating change: 1331

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Rating +/-

Mathis, Michael (1328) complete history
15,15 6
Gove, David (1360) complete history
17,15 7
Crampton, Sean (400) complete history
6,8 0
Luisi, Pat (1400) complete history
17,15 10
Leichter, Morris (1765) complete history
18,-12,17 -0
Fahlstrom, Ragnar E. (2007) complete history
10,9 -0
Darroudi, Khosro (1846) complete history
10,15 -0
Le, Alfred (1410) complete history
16,16 -7
Bazso, Pete K. (1362) complete history
15,-18,16 -10
Nasidze, Sandro (1000) complete history
8,9 -50
Archambo, Steve J. (1437) complete history
22,-16,9 -6



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