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Table Tennis Cartoon - Fox in the Hen House - A Chicken Coop Ping Pong Challenge


For Sale $ - Original Black Pen Cartoon Outline Drawing on 8 1/2" x 11" Cardstock by Marek Zochowski

There is a green pen outline around the inner part of the top of the table tennis table.

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Friday, November 29, 2013 11:20:32 PM

Pen Outline 300 DPI Scan

Fox, something tells me that you didn't come here just for the ping pong...

Color 300 DPI Scan

Have you ever seen chickens or roosters with hands!?!  Marek Zochowski's original Table Tennis cartoons have been in every issue of the USATT Magazine for the last several years.  His unique style is recognizable at a glance.  The expressions on these hen's faces enchant his artwork with their dynamic level of concern from fear, disinterest, curiosity, and wonder.

Eggs splattered on the floor indicate an intense sporting match between the Cocky Rooster and the Sneaky Fox.  It's obvious the Fox can taste victory in the air while the Cock displays no fear in wagering the farms livelihood in a blood sport.  The gambling seems to peak what otherwise might have been a dull evening.

The Fox appears quite a Hustler with a sack full of egg booty draped over his shoulder.  A clever use of chicken wire forms a net on the shortened ping pong table that's sized well for these farmyard birds.  Many hens carefully guard their eggs while others line up with paddles in hand to face the Fox in a game for WHAT?

USA Table Tennis Magazine - May/June 2005 - Page 14

Mr. Fox ... we're playing for WHAT?


Marek writes in a letter dated Mon. Nov 29 04 from Newton Texas

Dear Rob,

How are you doing?  Today and tomorrow are my days off from work, so I made the sketch of my new t.t. cartoon.  It's a drawing of the fox and the rooster playing table tennis inside the chicken house.  A bunch of chickens are behind the table watching the fox, more like staring at him.  I'm trying to create my own characters of them, not using drawings created by some other artists.

I'm not sure how to color them, because I do not have any photos of the fox, or rooster.  Maybe you could find me a photo of the European red fox, the kind that British hunt on the horses. I'm sure you'll know which I want.  I don't know how long is the tail of that fox.  I think it's the red tail with the white tip.  I'm not sure about the ears if those are solid red?

I was thinking about another cartoon -- skunk playing raccoon.  I might do the sketch for that too (maybe).  I could use the photo of those, as long it shows how long are legs, tail, ears and marking (striping).  I don't need so many photos for those projects, just one or two good ones -- detailed.

We had a good dinner tonight -- baked chicken.  I was able to get a lot of that, enough to give away to my friends and anyone who lives in my dorm.  In Arizona I would be lucky to get more then one extra piece of chicken.  I don't know what was for the lunch, because I don't eat lunch unless it's something really good like pizza, or sausage.  We get one apple with the meals like every two days.  I like the apples a lot and I eat about five a day.  I'm able to pick up a lot of apples after they finish serving them (leftovers) in the chow hall to last me for a long time.  I have not run out of them yet for months now.  It's my favorite snack while I watch TV.  Texas is good to me, I'm never hungry here.  Too bad that library sucks here, I have been there one time only.  I miss library in Rincon, they had so many books with the pictures.  I was able to find there most what I needed for my art projects.

Take care

    Your Friend


P.S. I played some poker today, a couple hours only, however I did damn good, better then the guys would want to see me.


Feb 3, 05                                                                Newton, TX

...Page 2

I'm sending to you my new drawing for t.t. cartoon.  I had to do that twice.  First one I colored in, but I did not like it.  The first drawing had only eleven chickens.  I will need you to print me about 3 copies of that drawing so I can shade it and color.  I'm not sure how to color it and I don't want to be re-doing that over and over again.  Please do not use "Photo-paper" because that won't take color pencils.  The best is same paper I used -- card stock.

I have the caption for this cartoon, but I'll send it to you some other time.  I figure that your and Debbi might come out with some good ideas.  maybe Larry H. would like to think about some good caption?  Maybe you would like to send  (E-mail) hat drawing to Larry Hodges to let him know what I'm working on right now?  But only if you want and you think that's a good idea.


Thursday Feb 24, 05                            Newton, TX

Dear Rob,
Thanks for your letter and making those copies of this t.t. cartoon. It was a good idea, because it was difficult to get it right so got it don on the second copy.  Many guys were watching me working on this project and many were checking on my progress.  Some guys were trying to come out with the caption, but they didn't seem to help, so I wrote my original caption that inspired me to create that cartoon.  One guy suggested using words in the caption like: "scramble & serve", but I couldn't come out with much better caption then my original one.  One guy made comment about the chickens in my drawing (same like you mad) that he liked chickens with the different impressions.
I'm going to work on more cartoons for the T.T. Magazine; I've a few ideas, but don't know which one I'll get going first?



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