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Danmin Wu vs. Yong Dan Wei - SOAR Team Table Tennis Event

Yong Dan Wei blocks.









Yong_Dan_Wei_Table_Tennis_Tucson_SOAR_112606pict2865.jpg (52788 bytes)

Yong Dan Wei

Yong_Dan_Wei_Table_Tennis_Tucson_SOAR_112606pict2866.jpg (48177 bytes)

Danmin chases down a crucial ball.





Danmin_Wu_Table_Tennis_Team_Event_Winner_112006pict2913.jpg (76479 bytes)

Danmin Wu brings his team to victory!

Rob_Trudell_Ma_Mankit_Danmin_Wu_Table_Tennis_Team_Event_Winners_112006pict2908.jpg (118737 bytes)

Winning Team Spirit!




Google Video:

  Yong Dan Wei vs. Danmin Wu - Crucial Championship Deciding Team Ping Pong Match  1 min 46 sec









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