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Waqidi Falicoff - Table Tennis - 31 January 2007

Waqidi's High Toss Serve













Former Owner of the Asti Table Tennis Company visit's the Phoenix Club


Google Video:

  Yvonne Hsu vs. Waqidi Falicoff - Table Tennis 31 Jan 07  26 Min 5 Seconds


  Heidi Yang vs. Waqidi Falicoff - Table Tennis  26 Minutes, 34 Seconds


Waqidi Falicoff vs. Blue Shirt Guy - Table Tennis  14 min 54 sec


Waqidi Falicoff vs. Taller Guy - Table Tennis  13 min 11 sec


Waqidi's Revenge! - Waqidi Falicoff vs. Rob Trudell - Table Tennis  18 min 31 sec




Missing Link Business Solutions

Design Objective: The image below was created as a package solution for table tennis paddle rubber. The company wanted an updated look to a tired product. The objective was to target a younger consumer by sprucing up the package a bit. The final result is displayed below.


Table Tennis Pioneers Equipment Sales

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