Heather Wang vs. Robert Shahnazari

Open Singles Preliminary Round Robin

2007 San Diego Open Table Tennis Tournament

June 9-10, 2007 - San Diego, CA

Balboa Park Activity Center

Heather Wang pushes










From anticanti

What does that guy have on his BH ?

Seems like hard rubber, but he hits too well with it




Some sort of long pips for sure.


From alphapong

When I played him a few months ago he was using Destroyer OX. I heard that he has since switched to frictionless pips.


From cmetsbeltran15 (cmetsbeltran)

I heard he was using Hallmark Original.JUIC Power Texa Butterfly Bryce 2.1 JUIC 999 Elite Ultima


From MarcoHere

He beat Heavyspin quite convincingly at the US Open this year. 



From heavyspin

You must've only paid attention to the second halves of each game, cause he came back from 6-1 down in one game and 5-0 down in another. In any case, he has improved immensely from 2 years ago when I beat him under 5 all 3 games. What's the difference? He attacks now. Still can't believe I lost to a close to the table long pipper. I was ready to jump off the Stratosphere tower after that one. 

From MarcoHere

I agree that guy is much improved.  He seemed to be quite physically fit too, more so than I remember him being last year when I saw him at one of the Power Pong tournaments.



From divineroodog (divineroodo1)


I have been coaching Robert Shahnazari over the last few months, since then, he's beaten Misha (us team member) and Shashin! I am officially taking all the credit for it!

He is improving all the time, he was only 1700 a few years ago.

From roundrobin (roundrobi2)


A-ha!  So that's why Robert has been winning so much...A bit of an unfair coaching advantage I say.  ;-)  I thought his new 2293 rating was a fluke but now I know he earned it... 

On to another guy:  Is Simon Gendler from KTown going to be your next breakout pupil?  ;-)   He LOVES to tell me that he's almost as good as you, backhand to backhand... I always told him he's delusional after I heard it, but now with what you've done with Robert I may be proven wrong soon...



From MarcoHere

He's playing smart and moving well.  Those are the 2 biggest things I noticed.  He doesn't go for crazy rips, etc.  So that's smart.  He uses his long pips to stay in the point until he gets a loose ball, then does some good footwork and makes a strong and spinny attack.  So that's the movement.  He's pretty much playing the way I'm trying to, but the difference is that he uses his LP a little further from the table than I do.  I'm blocking right off the bounce with it, he lets it drop more and chops more.

Also again I noticed that his fitness is much improved, he has lost some weight and increased muscle. 



From divineroodog (divineroodo1)

Simon is great, He has very good touch with his backhand, but i'm not coaching him.

Some people i coach, others just want to hit with me on the other side of the table. Simon is the latter.

He will become more consistant through practicing with me, but he will not 'improve'.



From UNAT1

Hello, Ben. How are you doing? Do you miss South Florida at all?!

What is the current setup of this guy? He did improve quite a lot - you are doing a great job!

Have a nice day.


From divineroodog (divineroodo1)

Hey Uri,

How are you??? Good to hear from you.

Robert playes close up to the table with his long pips, blocking and even hitting with them. He used to rely solely on this pips to win matches. If someone knew how to play against them, he struggled. Now We have been working on improving his forehand to make it more of a weapon against players who were stronger against the pips. We have also been trying to improve his serves. It seems to be working!

How is your game coming along?



From UNAT1

Hello, my friend.

Ben, my problem is that I'm backing up too much for chopping, and although, I'm counterlooping prety good from the FH ( training with Brian), I'm lacking that close to the table pip's game, especially pushing and hitting.

If you'll ever want to go back and visit SouthFla  - you can always stay in my house ...

Have a nice day.


From porkamiseria

There is one big question with regards to this guys game. What is he going to do once the frictionless long pips ban goes into effect? I only ask as I also play with Hallmark Original and Hallmark Original is about the most frictionless long pips out there.









Heather Wang hits a forehand to Robert Shahnazari


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