John Tran vs. Stefan Feth - Open Singles Quarterfinal

2007 San Diego Open Table Tennis Tournament

June 9-10, 2007 - San Diego, CA

Balboa Park Activity Center


John Tran slam







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John Tran vs. Stefan Feth
24 min


John Tran vs. Stefan Feth - San Diego Quarterfinal Table Tennis Singles Match








John Tran blocks back to Stefan Feth





John Tran backhand


  From heavyspin

This match is a great example of how one can dominate with superior serves and serve return.
John Tran has a ferocious forehand and a blistering backhand that Feth can't cope with (who can?). However, Tran could hardly return any of Stefan's serves without setting up Feth for a 3rd ball attack. Stefan, otoh, mostly returned Tran's serve effectively taking John "thwack" Tran out of his comfort zone.