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Coaching Videos
Rob Trudell coaches Marie Nadeau - Service Lessons
Multiball Drills - Coach Binghu Ren feeds multi-ball to Peiyuan Ren
Stellan Bengtsson - Table Tennis Seminar - 1994 US Open 
Biba Golic - Coaching at the U.S. Nationals
Jack Huang - Disguised Service Techniques
Tricky Table Tennis Serves - Cheng Yinghua
Binghu Ren instructs  Partnered Ping Pong Lessons - Derrick Cone, Marques Dillard and Peiyuan Ren
Binghu Ren coaches Donald Tillitson and Bridget Toth
Binghu Ren coaches David Rubin and Ping Fuschino (Larsen)
How to return tricky serves - with Binghu Ren and Ping Larsen
Table Tennis Tip Tape - Huang Trains Trudell - 6 July 1994
Jack Huang drills Rob Trudell - Summer of 1994
Table Tennis Lesson - Jack Huang's Skill Sharpening Session - 12 July 1994
Jack Huang tutors Harley Davis  - July 1994 - National Table Tennis Training Center - Rockville, Maryland
John Porter clowns with Jack Huang - A Harlem Globetrotter coaching video.
Jack Huang hones Derrick Cone - in wmv format
Jack Huang teaches Mike Didio a lesson.  
Jack Huang teaching Rob Trudell - Jan 1997
Cheng Yinghua drills Dave Meany <= YouTube Video - Drill Instruction -1996 
Cheng Yinghua gives Wayne Johnson some ping pong pointers
Cheng Yinghua teaches Mike Fuschino serve and service return techniques.
Cheng Yinghua trains Greg Anderson - January 1996
Cheng Yinghua and Gao Jun train Leroy Hensley-1996-(1 of Google's most popular Videos) -Why? Maybe due to this DumpALink-275,000+
Gao Jun Coaching Jeff Gadwell - January 1996
Gao Jun Coaching Robert Trudell - January 1996
Spin Science - Cheng Yinghua teaches Trudell - 6 Jul 94
Ping Pong Practice - Cheng Yinghua trains Rob Trudell - 8 July 1994
Table Tennis School - Cheng educates Rob - 9 July 94
Cheng Yinghua coaching Robert Trudell - January 1997
Cheng Yinghua coaches Matt Winkler 
Cheng Yinghua teaches Jane Magras - Jan 1996
Cheng Yinghua trains Derrick Cone - Jan 96
Cheng Yinghua coaches Marques Dillard and Larry Hall - 2 Hour Shared Lesson Webpage - January 1995
Cheng Yinghua reveals serve strategies to Ken Hoover - Table Tennis Lesson
Cheng Yinghua evaluates Len Winkler - Table Tennis Instruction - January 1997
Cheng Yinghua plays John Porter - 70 Year Old Man Strategy
Chinese Ping Pong Lessons - China's Table Tennis Training Video - 17 Parts
YouTube Videos:
Cheng Yinghua prepares Joe Patti - Table Tennis Drills
Cheng Yinghua drills Dave Meany - Table Tennis Drill Instruction
Table Tennis - Cheng Yinghua and Gao Jun coach Leroy Hensley +vs. Dan Koscielski






Video Coaching and Animations
Position, Grip, Power and Service Return - Cheng Yinghua
Watching the Ball - Gao Jun
Virginia Sung - See how a Chopper, loops
Forehand Loop Drive - Gao Jun
Poor Man's Robot - Rob Trudell
Backhand Turns - Binghu Ren
Serves - Cheng Yinghua
Counter Hitting - Heather Wang
Backhand Loop - Fan Yiyong
Forehand Loop - Todd Sweeris
Loop Artist - Robert Hallquist
Chop Specialist - Binghu Ren
TOPS - Table Tennis Manual
 Ping Pong Paddle Choice - Classification Paper




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