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Cool Ping Pong Commercials  
Sapparo Beer Commercial - Since 1876 (8 Mbytes, 30 Seconds)
Airbus - Ground Crew - mpg Video (3 Mbytes, 40 seconds)
Absorvente Panty Liner  - Wang Nan
Ear Table Tennis - XBox
Science Fiction Table Tennis Players - Sci Fi Channel


Movies, TV Shows and Commercials
Balls of Fury - Movie Trailer and News
The Honeymooners - Something Fishy - Mystery Atomic Cannonball Serve
Inventing the Abbotts - 2 out of 3 in the Garage
The City of Lost Souls - Deadly Ping Pong Play
Il Sorpasso - (The Easy Life) Ping Pong Dispute
Brand of the Stars - Butterfly - Timo Boll
Milk Advertisement  - Best Served with Ping Pong 
Chinese Ping Pong Cell Phone  Commercial
Tattoo - Miami Dolphins - Jason Taylor Ping Pong Benefit 
Distraction - Game Show - Comedy Central
King of the Hill - A Firefighting We Will Go
Black Sheep Squadron - Prisoners of War
Get Smart - Die, Spy 
A Matter Of Life And Death - 1946 Movie 
Simpson's - Homer the Great - Stonecutters - Patrick Stewart - Number One - "Lets all get drunk and play ping pong!"
Star Trek - Relativity
Jerry Seinfeld - Male Unbonding - I would've been friends with Stalin If he had a Ping-Pong table.
Jerry Seinfeld - The Switch - Oh, OK. Next time lets play ping pong. It's easier to jump over the net.
Jerry Seinfeld - The Lip Reader - Tennis is basically just ping-pong and the players are standing on the table. That's all it is.
The King Of Queens - King Pong
McDonalds - Chicken Selects - i'm lovin' it
Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo TV Svizzera 04 Ping Pong.avi - Comedy Clip (27 Mbytes, 3:33 Minutes)
Ping Pong - TTV - Chinese TV Drama - Donic - Chinese Language and Subtitles




Table Tennis Cartoons and Clippings
Ping Pong Painting Valentine's Day Mice
Psyched Out - Prison Ping Pong Play - Submit your ideas in the Caption Contest
Happy Valentines Day Ping Pong Cards  - Mice - Betelgeuse and Sirius Stars
Cupid Ping Pong Distractions - How about a little help with this chaos, guys? - Heart shaped paddles and Harp like Net
Easter Island - The Others want to know why you are smiling...
Mad Cow! The tables were greener on the other side of the fence...
Noah's Ark Cartoon - Table Tennis or Mammoths?
Pizza Excuses - Rabbit vs. Pig  - Ping Pong Match
Casino Underdog - Decide which will prevail - Good or Evil?
Table Tennis in Primetime! - A Rob Trudell and Marek Zochowski Cartoon
Peanuts Thanksgiving - Snoopy plays ping pong
Santa Claus and the Postman - Christmas Gift
Table Tennis Robot - Marek Zochowski Cartoon - September 2005
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland - Ping Pong Puppets - Muppets
Camp Lazlo - PingPong Toys Back
Camp Lazlo - Lamar the Lamprey - Ping Pong
Jonathan Katz - Wait, Wait - 10 Sept 2005 - NPR Interview - Starts at 16:30 minutes.
Ping Pong - Dr. Katz - 517 - TV Series Cartoon - (36 Mbytes, Duration 21:43)
Worms 2 - Ping Pong - mpg Video (5 MBytes, 23 seconds)
I Am Weasel - Ping Pong At Sea
Zatch Bell - Summer Camp - Ping Pong Video
Table Tennis Pranks - At the Mall - wmv Video (2 Mbtes, 1 minute)
Rocky and Bullwinkle - Indoor Games Can Be Fun??
Ping Pong Brawl - Boris and Natasha - Rocky and his fiendish friends - 35 Panel Comic Strip
Fox in the Hen House  -Marek Zochowski's Original Cartoon Outline Sale - A Chicken Coop Ping Pong Challenge
Beat-A-Blocker - Performance Enhancing Pills
Rita Hayworth - Ping Pong Photos
Susan Hayward vs. Jess Barker - Ping Pong Photo
Chou and Nkrumah - Life (Magazine) 1964
Mao and Nixon - Playing table tennis with the World - Legion (Magazine) What's Behind Ping Pong Diplomacy
Sports Cartoons - Ping Pong - Sports For Children
It Happened to Crusoe - See the natives play table tennis with their lips.
Nanobots play ping pong - Jimmy Neutron episode
Sport Chumpions - Ping Pong Cartoon
Brother Juniper - Starched Ping Pong Net
Table Tennis Cemetery Gravediggers
Table Tennis Cartoon Showcase



White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood
The Death of Mr. Ping Pong - Was (not was) - mp3
(The Lager Saga Of) Al K. Hall - Ping Pong Song - wma - Jimmy Roselli - Saloon Songs - Volume 2 
Table Tennis Table - Gilberto Gil - Kaya N'Gan Daya - mp3 Table Tennis Music
Ping Pong Music Video - The Chinese National Table Tennis Team sings!
Let's Play Pink Ping Pong - Reni Jusis
Ping Pong - Labelle - mp3
Ping Pong - Swayzak
Thunderdome - Ping Pong - DJ Isaac Mix - mp3
Ping Pong Music - Link Webpage

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