Zhang Li - 70's era Top Chinese Women's Player (center)

About.com Forum Post xpguo says:

"Zhang Li is much more famous during that time. she was the absolute number 1 in china during 70s, like wang nan or zhang yining at present. but she was also one of the unluckiest chinese tt players all the time. for the friendship between china and north korea, she was asked to lose to a north korean girl in the women's single final of 1973 world championships. to make it more ridiculous, she had to do this again two years later against the same korean player, who had been lost to her and other chinese players in all the other games. that is why she was a many time chinese and Asian women's single champion but never claimed a world women's single champion. I really think that was her life long pain and might be the reason why she wanted to leave china after the retirement. please let her know that many middle aged chinese tt fans have been missing her a lot and trying to find where she was in recent years. she was THE best tt player in china in the decade of 70s."